Best of the Best wedding photography of 2018 by Joe Mallen Photography

WOW, what a year!
As I sit here and take stock of the last 12 months looking back through all the weddings and the many wonderful moments full of love, laughter, and emotion I’m reminded of the special nature of this job and all that it entails. Meeting incredible people every week who invite me into their lives with their family and friends and along to the most important day of their lives. Thank you because without you none of this would be possible and I wouldn’t be doing what I love!

To say 2018 has been epic would be an understatement. It’s safe to say it has surpassed any and all expectations I had at the start of the year. This year has been one hell of a journey in wedding photography and safe to say a big busy learning curve as well. I’ve shot more weddings than ever and traveled more than before which has taken me to incredible wedding venues all over the UK from London to Cornwall to Wales and everywhere in between, to destination weddings in Europe and even across the pond to the sweltering summer heat of North Carolina in America.

If someone said I’d be doing all this and finish the year off by being shortlisted and then win Highly Commended at The Wedding Industry Awards for the best wedding photographer in the South I’d quite simply of laughed. Receiving any recognition or winning any awards for wedding photography has always been an aspiration since I started 3 years ago. But it wasn’t something I thought I would achieve yet. So thank you to all the couples who voted for me but especially Hayley & Ryan who insisted I should enter in the first place!

I painstakingly agonise over this video every year and each year it gets harder and harder to choose, so please whack up the sound, put it in HD and enjoy my best of 2018 and you can see all the individual image below 🙂

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