Love is life's greatest adventure

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Hey, I’m Joe, and I’m completely humbled you would be considering inviting me along to photograph your wedding day. A wedding is an incredible celebration of family and friends with lots of love, laughter, and emotion thrown into the mix. Here is a little bit about me, my family and how I got here today.

I only got into photography when I was studying Graphic design at college as it was part of the course. We had old SLR cameras with manual focus and black and white film which you had to develop yourself and you were lucky if you could get 1-2 ok shots out of a full roll – if you managed to develop it properly! As you may have guessed my background is in Graphic design, although since college I have always had an interest and a passion for photography. Over the last 10+ years, Graphics has honed my eye for creativity, composition, and detail which I now apply to my photography. I only got into weddings after going to a friend’s where I was a guest and took pictures throughout the day. With a positive response and a love for going to weddings, here we are today. 

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I truly believe that love is life’s greatest adventure, and like all great adventures, they are always better shared with someone. My adventure is with my wife Emily who i married in 2014, and who I owe everything to. It is her faith and support in me to follow my passion and do what I love that has got me here today. I’m also a father to two wonderful boys, Thomas and Aiden. As a family, we can be a bit nuts and often find myself shaking my head and thinking about if people could see us, but I love it. We love to travel, see new places and try new things but ultimately our favorite place is home.

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I try to capture every wedding in a compelling and natural way through my own unique mix of documentary wedding photography and creative portraits. Inspired by my couples and their venues my style is often described as contemporary, modern, and unique but never traditional or for the mild. I’ve learned to react to things as they happen, and spot the little moments that make a wedding unique, the hugs, kisses, and smiles. Inspired by light colour and emotion, I love to capture real, honest and intimate moments to create bold and memorable storytelling images.

I’m a bit of a coffee addict and also eat an unhealthy amount of salt & vinegar Pringles, although I don’t think there is a healthy amount, unfortunately.

If you’re ready to get this show on the road to capture your big day? Get in touch, I can’t wait to meet you.